We’re Hidden Pineapple, a small app studio committed to creating useful, beautiful, end-to-end apps for the Windows Ecosystem.

Rowi shown on a Windows Phone Nokia device and a Windows 8 tablet.

Who We Are

Simply put, we’re two entrepreneurs from the Seattle area who love making stuff for the web. We bring our experience with development and Microsoft to our work here at Hidden Pineapple. While we’re not making stuff, you can find us hanging out with our families or enjoying a good coffee or beer.

Nathan Heskew

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Erik Porter

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What We Do

Not only do we build mobile apps, but we also strive to make things we actually want to use each and every day. We’re passionate about experimenting with Windows Phone apps, Windows 8 apps or HTML & Javascript goodness. We’re constantly creating and learning to better ourselves and the web in general.


We’re always open to chat. Need help with a project? Want to know what coffee we're drinking? Anything’s game!